Small Business Center Stage Program

The Small Business Center Stage Program is designed with up and coming small businesses in mind. Our goal is to showcase the wonderful products so many talented business owners have to offer. Nefatiti Beauty Supply will partner with those business to help market and promote their ideas.

Membership slots are limited, sign up today! For additional information, check out our FAQ's below.


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How does the Center Stage program work?

The Center Stage program works like a membership that includes mentorship, professional connections, business support, and of course products marketed and displayed in Nefatiti Beauty Supply. Members will be able to offer a “Meet the Owner” event in store or online via FB or Instagram Live to give customers more details about your products, ask questions, and offer exclusive deals.


How much does the program cost?

The Center Stage program starts at only $50 per month, with no additional commission charges. So all sales in-store are 100% YOURS!!!** (Online sales may incur additional fees) Different membership levels will be available at a later date.


What are the benefits of being a part of the Center Stage program?

The benefits of the Center Stage Program are simple… PRODUCT EXPOSURE! Having your brand associated with as many other businesses and companies is extremely important from a marketing standpoint. Word of mouth is the oldest and still the most effective way to increase brand awareness. Nefatiti’s Center Stage program will work to build relationships with local and even out of state businesses, while continuously making mention of your product during customer interaction. 

Who can apply for the Center Stage program?

Any local* product-based small business may apply. Unfortunately we are unable to accept service based businesses at the moment.

Where can I sign up?

You can apply to the Center Stage program in person at Nefatiti Beauty Supply, 1019 Charlotte Ave, Ste A, Rock Hill SC. You can also complete the application on our website at, under Small Business Center Stage Program.


*Local is considered within a 50 mile radius of Rock Hill SC.

**Membership cost can vary depending on circumstance, and membership terms are month to month based on sale success.